GRAHAM CAPITAL GROUP, formed in early 2007, has successfully closed six transactions in its first three years active in the Pacific Northwest market. Having closed every single deal that we pursued to the agreed upon letter of intent state and with only a fraction of our available capital deployed, Graham Capital Group's ability to effectively transact investments and complete acquisitions is near boundless.

For our existing partner companies and for those we seek to acquire, the economies of scale that our collaboration provides represents numerous and ongoing benefits to all companies in the Graham Capital Group portfolio. From decreased costs of capital to synergies among customers and suppliers, our long term focus and our depth, both geographic and financial, represent additional value created far beyond traditional private equity.

GRAHAM CAPITAL GROUP possesses the talent, passion and the banking and due diligence relationships needed today more than ever to ensure that when we say we can get get it done, we are successful.

Recent Investments:

Pacific American Commercial Company

Herzog Glass, Inc.
Joseph Simon & Sons, Inc.
LaFarge & Egge, Inc.
Unity Electric Construction, Inc.
Clear Water Services, LLC